The autumn programme “Russian Studies” consists of the courses:
At the course you will get acquainted with the “Soviet” as a complex historical, cultural and intellectual phenomena, its outcomes for Russia and the world. You will also know about the contemporary issues and the Soviet component in post-Soviet Russian identities, memory etc.
The course is designed to give an insight into regional cultural diversity in the country. You will discover, that even the remote areas of the North have a rich heritage in folklore, architecture, craftwork, music, daily life etc. And you will understand, why the Russian North is still so attractive for people from all over the world!
Aim of the course is togive insight into Russian political system and contemporary processes taking place in Russian politics in the post-Soviet era. You will take a look into relations between the state and society, into Russian foreign policy etc.
+ And add Russian Language course
Russian Language course 
The NArFU offers exchange students to take a Russian language course for a zero level of language proficiency.
Tuition fee
No fee
There is no fee to participate in this program for exchange students from partner institutions.
How to apply
Information on how to apply is available via the link
For all questions you can contact:
September – December 2021
Application Deadline
15 August 2021
Want to learn Russia? Come to the North!
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